Licensed Massage Therapist

As a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services, I regard each client as a whole person, rather than an illness to be defeated. I believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body. Get in touch with me today to start healing your mind, body, and soul.

Hand Massage

Trigger Point Therapy Massage

An Ancient Science

Mani Pedi

Deep Tissue Massage

Natural Healing


I am skilled and have extensive experience with these different Massage Types (Modalities) and Techniques:

Trigger Point Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage Techniques

Deep Tissue

PNF Assisted Stretching

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Pregnancy Massage


Acupressure Touch

Experienced and Comfortable Treating people that are: Elderly/Hospice/Disabled/Have AutoImmune Disease/Severe Injuries/Amputations, Issues with Frozen Shoulder or Sore Hips. Skilled in Trauma Based Massage Techniques for those with: PTSD/Complex PTSD/Anxiety/Depression/Insomnia. I work with Combat Vets alot and I encourage service dogs in Treatment Room if possible.

*****Massage Therapist's Thoughts*****

The Mind/Body Connection

I provide healthcare in a different way...

I like to focus on reconnecting the mind back to the body when I am giving my client a massage tailored to their specific wellness and healing goals.

I believe that sometimes the brain disconnects the “telephone line” to injured and traumatized areas of one’s body when that area has “complained” too much. How can the body start to try to accept and sustain healing when the brain is ignoring these calls for help?

Once the Mind is reconnected to the Body, the Nervous System fires up the connection of communication. Those specific muscles that have been holding the body tightly in a restrictive, painful position for far too long are finally being heard!

The Mind then tells this area of the body to let go of this stress, and that it is indeed ok to let go...that the body doesn’t have to hold on to everything anymore, and that function and range of motion of this area can be improved.

Utilizing postural assessment, specialized massage therapy techniques, and breathwork; I seek to honor the path to healing that a client’s own body strives to complete.

Relax, Reset, Release Pain, and Renew.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to help guide each person I touch on this path to healing themselves.

-Erica Dailey LMT - Therapeutic Massage Thoughts·Wednesday, October 30, 2019

**Starting December 2, 2019 I will be offering Therapeutic Professional Massage in Manchester, Maine @ Mantra Maine Massage & Yoga Studio.
Located at 9 Violette Way, Manchester, ME 04351
This Location and the Studio is easily Accessible.

**I am Currently Providing Mobile Therapeutic Massage In-Homes upon Referral/Consultation

Available for Events:

Employee-Client Appreciation Days for Businesses with Chair/Table Massage

Massage parties with Friends/Family for

Bridal Showers, Reunions, Spa Days/Retreats with Chair/Table Massage

Get in Touch with me today to Book A Therapeutic Massage Session by the methods below:

  • Call/Text: 207-418-7544 (Please leave a message with your Name & Contact Info via voicemail or text. I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible.)

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Your Path to Wellness


Heal your body, naturally.  I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and a firm believer in a holistic approach to Healing. The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit. All three must be in working order and connected, so that a free flow of energy is achieved. Through my practice, I work hard to align this energy and promote well-being.


"What we think, we become"




For more information and to book a session, please get in touch with me.

(207) 418-7544

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